When my husband and I decided to move to Prince Albert, we wanted to
take advantage of the natural beauty that Prince Albert has to offer.
We found a beautiful piece of land and designed a ready to move home.
The only missing piece was, we needed to find a contractor that could
not only build the foundation, but complete an attached garage, a
completed basement, and an additional four season sunroom. We reached out to a variety of companies in the Prince Albert area. From the very beginning we were unwilling to compromise. We wanted to find a builder who was reliable, who delivered quality, who was organized, and of course who was
economically responsible.

We received emailed quotes from everyone we reached out to. However,
it was Nor-Pine who contacted us back with a phone call to see the
land before the quote was delivered. This impressed my husband and I
immensely as it showed a sense of investment and accuracy even before
any contract was signed. Upon asking both references, and local
people, we found out very quickly that Nor-Pine had a very strong reputation. We soon after agreed upon a contract with Nor-Pine to complete our home. This was a decision we would never regret.

Nor-Pine's reliability was something we could count on. The timelines
set out by Nor-Pine were always realistic. Promises were not made that
could not be kept, and therefore my husband and I were never
disappointed. We always felt we knew what was happening, largely because every email or phone call was always answered in a timely matter.

The quality Nor-Pine delivered in building our home was unsurpassed.
We researched many of Nor-Pine's previous builds and quality was
always an element that stood out to my husband and me. And it is the
quality that is often commented on when people come into our home now.
Every corner, every stroke of paint, every tile set is one that took a
great deal of care and attention.

Nor-Pine was also highly organized. The team worked together effortlessly
and were never late. Nor-Pine kept our home and area surrounding, very clean. All of those involved in finishing our home had the highest of recommendations and were extremely knowledgeable and professional in their area of expertise. 

Lastly, Nor-Pine was financially responsible. We were impressed when
at the end we were given a complete folder that outlined costs for our
build. We were given the opportunity to go over these costs. We were
impressed to see such transparency within our inventory. There is no
greater feeling than to see a quality finished product, and to know
that it was done in a responsible manner.

It was a joy to write this, as we value our experience with having
Nor-Pine as our builder and contractor.  So as new home owners, we not
only carry the pride of loving our new home, but also the pride in
knowing we made the right decision in trusting Nor-Pine to complete
our build. We will be forever thankful.

-Melanie Merasty, Prince Albert

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